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Video Animation Graphics can engage your audience

Virtual movement portraits are gaining popularity because of their ability to visualize and clarify an idea in a most captivating way. Although 'ideas' and visualization' are two different things, they can be combined to create the illusion of a story.

Animation method of photography

Animation is a technique of photographing consecutive drawings, models or puppets to create a phantasm in motion through a sequence. Our eyes can continue an image for approximately. The Genius will blend the images into one image in a fraction of a second if more than two pix are present at once. Photographs are taken on clear celluloid sheets.





January 12, 2023



FutureX Technologies developed our e-commerce site. They are very professional and patience.Throughout the development, we had numerous requests e.g. trying different fonts, pictures, backgrounds, adding pages etc., every time, they listened and came back with even better ideas. I am very happy and would highly recommend them.
Salim Khan

Salim Khan


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